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Private Journal of R. A. Black, Slytherin

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10th September 2005

9:51pm: Remember when I did all my work ahead of time? Well, it turns out I needed a tutor sooner than I thought- I got most of it wrong.

Bloody hell, Sirius said that creepy half-blood Lupin was good at Arithmancy. Well, I'm calling you out, Lupin, I need help, and I'm willing to pay (with the money the Black family still has, Skeeter, thank you.) as much as necessary.

Throwing myself into my studies seems a good enough plan.

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29th August 2005

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...Damn Sirius and his pranks.
Current Mood: embarrassed

28th August 2005

4:21pm: Just to get it over with, I've done all the problems for the next two chapters of my Arithmancy text book, and I know I'm going to need a tutor soon. Bugger.

Although my other classes are going perfectly. I made forty points on Thursday alone.

I also wrote to my parents, but I didn't really say anything.
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23rd August 2005

11:04pm: Hogsmeade was great, although what's this I'm hearing about us being bankrupt? Father owled me last week to say he was sending more money for me to spend, and he's practical with his money so that means we're making more, which is the opposite of bankrupt...

Anyway, yes, Hogsmeade. I'm trying to figure out the puzzles I bought, but they keep changing shape on me. Honestly that makes it more fun. After Siri went off with Lupin, I went to Honeydukes and bought what is possibly too much candy. I'll just keep it as long as it lasts instead of buying more when I want it. Also, Narcissa, you were right- Sugar quills are great, if only so I can stay awake in a Potions theory class and stay reasonably awake in Binns' (I like history, but that man is so bloody dull I end up asleep only minutes after the rest of the class. I swear I'm only passing because I read the book outside of it.)

Bellatrix- I hear you were in Hogsmeade, too. I'm sorry, I thought you weren't coming and I spent the morning with Siri and then went off on my own.

I'm going down to the kitchens for dinner now. I can't live off of chocolate.
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20th August 2005

5:50pm: I'll be going on my first Hogsmeade trip this weekend! Siri will be taking me. It was going to be Cissy, but then he asked a few days ago and, well, we don't really get to be ourselves at home and so I miss him even when we're in the same literal house, and it'll be fun to do stuff that's not the latest wine-and-dine social Mother's throwing. He likes me again, which is nice to know, because that way I don't feel like being friends-and-family with Cissy and Trixie makes me automatically just-brothers with him. No more choosing- I can be with both sides of the family. And anyone who yells at me he's a Gryffindor, well, I know a few spells that'll shut them up. (Some even literally.)

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Had Ancient Runes again today. It's the most fascinating class ever, I can't see why so many people take Divinations over actual time-tested prophecies and history. I flipped ahead in my books, and we'll be learning about Sumeria before the year's over. I also skimmed through Arithmancy and Care of Magical Creatures (a useless class for a Charmbreaking career, to be sure, but I wanted a fun, throw-away course on the side.) I think I'll do alright in Care, but judging by the problems later in the book, I might want to have tutoring in the basics for Arithmancy. I'm not so sure who'd be best to ask about that. Any good suggestions?

I am on a quest, sort of, to get a girlfriend before Sirius does. That was not an invitation for any of you to start trying to set me up with friends. If somebody else set me up, it would be cheating.
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